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As someone who started playing the drums from a very young age, music has always been deeply ingrained in who I am. Although I came from a not very musical family, I paved my own path when it came to my musicality, as I delved into creating and enjoying music. With that said, just like music, my passion for videogames has always gone side by side with my music. Gaming has also been an integral part of my life, as to this day I still play a variety of games and ocassionally participate in tournaments with my friends.


In my time at Berklee I discovered that my passion for music and games translates to a deep interest in film scoring. When I compose, I try to create music that is more than a simple accompaniment to a moving picture. I focus on conveying the emotions of what the media is portraying, and giving the amazing visual imagery an auditory backbone to support itself on and intertwine with on a deeper level. As a composer, I look to give people that same feeling I have gotten whilst listening to music in a certain movie or videogame for the first time. That feeling, as indescribable as it is, to me is as raw of an emotion you can get from someone listening to your music. This also motivates me to keep working on my music and always expanding my knowledge and discovering new things that enhance my pieces.


            As I continue working in my field, I hope to keep making people feel, as I believe that is an indispensable part of living.


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Nissan Zangilevitch is a musician who has travelled all around the world. Growing up in Israel, Argentina and Mexico, Nissan’s composition style varies a lot and is influenced by many different places and cultures. His musicality developed when he started playing the drums at a young age, followed shortly by an interest in piano and bass too. He played in the percussion section of the Greengates School Orchestra from his early primary school years, all the way until he graduated Highschool. During his stay in this orchestra he got the opportunity to explore and try out instruments like the euphonium, viola and even managed to become the head of the percussion section. Nissan graduated with honors (magna cum laude) from Berklee College of Music with a Degree in Film Scoring and Video Game Scoring.

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